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Tips to Pick Living Room Furniture

Whether you are redecorating your home or starting from scratch, choosing great living room furniture is important. If you think about it, whenever you have guests or other relatives over, they do not automatically go to the dining room for dinner nor do they stay there for longer once the meal is finished. The living room is basically where all of the interaction happens, so it is just important that this room is well decorated.

What makes a great living room is not just the furniture, it is the whole room in itself. There should be enough space to accommodate all of the activities you will be doing there but still have that cosy and inviting look and feel to it. There should also be enough seats for everybody, and the room should be functional and beautiful at the same time. Most of the time, light oak furniture for the living room works great, and not just for the living room but even for wardrobes as well. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right living room furniture for your home.

How Much Space

Shabby Chic Home Decor

The Shabby Chic decor style popularized by Rachel Ashwell and Arhaus seek to have an opulent vintage look. Colors prevalent are white, pastel and ecru. Fabrics are generously hemmed giving a soft and deep feeling.

Pink peonies collaboration

Items in this range have soft pink fabric covers and include beddings, bed skirts, settee upholstery, and pillows. Styles in this range are charlotte, petticoat, tufted and Lilliput. Any couch or chair can become Shabby Chic by using a shabby chic fabric cover and pillows.


An opulent decor style is bound to have mirrors in various designs. The Shabby Chic mirrors styles are long, liberty, renaissance, estate and grand. Frame colors come in silver and tan colors.


The Shabby Chic rugs are in sheepskin and vintage designs. The sheepskin rug is made from natural sheepskin and is milk white. The vintage rugs are in soft pinks and browns on white backgrounds depicting natural plant art.


These are different accessories that show spontaneity in art and craft. Items in this collection include poufs, metal trays, globes, matchboxes and vases. Colors are

Know Facts And Truths about Home Renovation

If you are fond of home renovation and have the necessary skills, like electrical wiring, woodworking, plumbing or painting and wall work, you can save money.

However, if you have a huge budget and lack both the skill and confidence to do home renovation projects yourself, hire a professional. The best candidates should have a great portfolio, as well as recommendations from previous clients.


Aging homes requires more attention on repairs.

When considering renovations, think about how long you plan to stay in the home and why you want a remodeling project for it. Among others, Kitchen and bathroom remodeling are very popular because they increase a home’s resale value.

A fresh repainting job – something you can do yourself – gives a home a clean and cared for impression with minimal cost.

Paint a room

Most people can repaint a room. Make sure to buy enough paint: Estimate the wall space, and buy amount of paint accordingly. Paint usually costs from under $20 per gallon to $30 per gallon or more.

Buying an extra quart or gallon of paint

Decor Items for Your New Home

Personal statement of color

Nothing pronounces your personality louder than the colors you like. Feel free to experiment with different hues and tones. If not sure, go for blue and cream which blend, complement and contrast well with many colors.

Wall adornments

The simplest way to go about this is by wall hangings and art. You can get few tasteful shabby chic wall hangings for your living room to start with. Alternatively you can go with DIY art which announces your creativity better.


As much as they offer privacy, your curtains should reflect taste. Paper or plastic curtains are simply not acceptable anymore. Choose fabric curtains that have the right color that will blend with what is on the wall.


Where duffel bags were adequate in your dorm room, you will have to get space for your newly found acquisitions. This calls for creativity as the space available will most likely be less than your possessions. Experimentation with colors is also works here.

Floor art

Get a few floor rugs to cover the little ground available. You do not have to install Isfahan Persian to announce your fine tastes. In fact, a hand-woven DIY rug

Tips to Care Your Decor Furniture


Upholstery should be vacuumed at least once weekly and the loose covers laundered weekly too. If you have loose cushions, place the cushion in a large plastic bag, close the bag tightly around the vacuum hose with the hose pressing on the cushion and turn on the vacuum. The cushion will shrink down sucking all the dust particles out of the cushion. Once you turn off the vacuum, the cushion will go right back into shape. Dirt that has fallen in hard to reach places like crevices under cushions should also be cleared with a narrow object. Rough objects can wear on the fabric if not removed.

Protecting fabric

Spills and stains can be avoided by using spray fabric protectors. These can be applied when the upholstery is being installed. You can also buy commercial products. The commercial products work pretty good and is best to have protectant applied prior to use. Either type is better than nothing at all.

Caring for cushions

Cautions that remain at one point for long tend to sink as they get sat on day after day. It is important to flip them and rotate them to

Learn more about Onyx

Onyx Countertops

Onyx is one of the most beautiful natural stones. This greatly under-utilized material is versatile and elegant allowing it to look good almost anywhere. Onyx is considered luxurious in the world of stone for many reasons. This softer stone is considered more delicate than other natural stones including marble and that delicacy has its advantages and disadvantages. Although onyx kitchen countertops are beautiful, they are not as practical as granite countertops and require more care. However, onyx slabs have some of the most unique movement and patterning among natural stones giving it great value, beauty, and intrigue.


Onyx is a lighter-weight material in comparison to marble or granite slabs and can easily be installed in creative applications. Most of the world’s onyx is quarried into small-sized slabs making it easy to handle and fabricate. Onyx kitchen and bathroom countertops are striking with the unique patterning and colors. A more inspiring application is installing onyx as a wall finish or cladding in a grid pattern where the slabs are cut into manageable sized sections and secured to the wall with metal fasteners or channels. Onyx is on the softer end of the stone

Know Green Flooring Options


While considering making the floor from green material, bamboo should probably be used as a primary choice. Some of the high quality bamboos are even stronger than most of the strongest hardwoods.The high quality bamboo flooring can be as strong as maple or oak wood flooring or even stronger. Apart from the associated sturdiness, it also appears to be quite elegant and charming. Unlike the traditional hardwood trees, which used to be harvested after 50-60 years of plantation, bamboo can be harvested after 2-3 years only. This makes it quite an eco-friendly option for being included in the home improvement plans.


In the traditional days, cork was mainly known as a plug in of the wine bottle rather than a strong building material. However, this is not the case today. Cork flooring has become one of the most popular options mainly due to the eco-friendly nature. Being made from a regenerative bark, cork does not cost any harm to the tree. The tree continues to live and produce cork barks that can be harvested over a period of time and that too without posing any threat to nature.

Sustainably Harvested Hardwood

Lights in Your Room

Standing lights adorn modern rooms especially the living room and it is great to invest in the same. Easy to maintain and install, the lights are certainly the best way to enhance the decor. A contemporary style is also accessible but with modern trends in lights, it is good to add some color with the tinted ones, LED splendor and also the grand effect of large chandeliers. Living rooms are always majestic and can be improved with good lighting. The choice you make in lights is clearly seen in torches for the floor or the central lights, which lights up a party atmosphere.

Lamps are indeed the best way to bring richness to a room. These are also suited for the porch area and other effects like small lamps are a great way to add a mystic style to your garden. Available in glass or fiber encasements, the lights are sharp, focused and are modulated with dimmers. Suspended and very delicate, the new styles in pendant lighting are a sheer delight. The colors in the same are awesome too. Picking a white or a grey light in this collection will not only add class to your room

Using Minimal Architecture at Home

Minimal architecture furniture can make your home spacious and a good range of small furniture is available for homeowners. In addition to sofa sets, there are medium size dining tables, chairs, stools and tables. You name the household item and it is available at the small goods store.

It is not that only household goods are available on this store as you can buy pretty office equipments too. Your office should look neat, clean and functional but a lot of space is lost in keeping oversized equipments. For instance take the reception in your office. This is place where you welcome your guests and visitor. It should look spacious and also have elegant sitting arrangement. With small furniture, you achieve two objectives that are making your reception look spacious and second making decent sitting arrangement for your guests.

Homeowners and entrepreneurs can be seen struggling with their bulky accessories. They try to create space for more useful goods but they can’t because most of the living space is already eaten by present accessories. In this situation, you can only removing some of the accessories to accommodate new furniture. Another way is to replace old bulky furniture

Things to Remember when Do Your Own Home Improvement

Be Completely Honest with Yourself

Every project should start with this, and this is the best way to avoid unwanted home improvement disasters. Nobody knows you better than yourself, so be completely honest with yourself about your skill set (weaknesses and your strengths). For instance, if you can’t handle heights or a fear of it, then don’t do the re-roofing yourself. It might just end up giving you more problems than improvements.

Check Current Building Codes In Your Area

In many areas, similar building codes are imposed. But take note, similar and not exactly the same. Make sure you are fully aware and understand your local or country building codes to ensure that your remodeling project will not pose future problems on your end. If you make the projects yourself and fail to comply with the given codes, you could be fined and might just put you and your family in danger.

Cost and Time

Come to think of it, deciding to go DIY is mainly driven by money or budget. But what others mostly forget about is the time factor. As said by many, time is the only truly limited resources in

Things to Consider when Choose an Architect

# The first and the most important thing that one needs to do is to make a good search. There more one searches the more are the chances of finding a good architect. Over the internet there are various architectural websites from where one can avail information on various architects. Besides this, almost all reputed architects have their own websites where they provide thorough information on their services. Going through the website will definitely help one to find a good architecture.

# Once the search is made try to get quotes that will help you to get a good insight into the services of various architects and the prices they charge for their services. You will also be able to understand whether you are being misled by other architects.

# Once you shortlist some of the good architects in the locality you should go and give a personal visit to their office. That is a good way to judge the potential of an architect. A good architect will definitely have a well organized office. Any architect who have a messed up office shall not be chosen. You should ask the architects about technological helps.

Mistakes on Home Renovation

Gutting Everything

Before starting your renovations, make sure you plans are well-set, because you don’t want to go in there and just remove everything out, when you can work around some areas instead.

Going Cheap

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners do when doing renovations is going cheap when buying materials. Truth is, you’re going to get what you pay for.

If you can’t afford to do it, wait.

Overusing Duct Tape

Duct tapes are not a permanent solution. It’s just a temporary fix. But people use them because it’s quick, easy and cheap.

Inaccurate Measurements

An inch or half an inch can make a big difference. If your dimensions are off and aren’t symmetrical, you won’t get the effect and impact that you want. If you’re unsure on making measurements and directions, seek a professional.

Not Doing the Prep Work

Make preparatory work, and do it the right way, right away.

Using the Wrong Tools

Using the wrong tools can wreck the project, wreck the tool, and you can wreck yourself as well.

A Small Bathroom

If you want a small bathroom,

Home Renovation Tips

As far as choosing a contractor, it’s important for you to consider many different aspects about what they are going to provide. One of the more important things for many people is the type of customer service that they are going to give to you. When you first meet with the contractor, be sure that they provide you with not only courtesy and a friendly face, make sure that they are professional in every aspect. It is also important for you to consider the fact that they are going to be clean when doing the job, even though the job itself maybe somewhat messy. Finally, make sure that they have a reputation for being on time, both in the fact that they are going to arrive on the job in a timely manner and in the fact that they are going to finish on time.

Before the job begins, it’s also important for you to hire a company that is going to be hauling away the debris. This is especially important in the area, as there are certain regulations that need to be adhered to throughout the process. This is going to help you with the permitting

Bathroom Renovation Budgeting Tips

  • Establish and plan for a specific subject from the get go. You need to sit down and review your current financial situation, then decide on how much you can realistically spend on a renovation.
  • No matter how strict the budget, take it one step at a time. Don’t rush out and try to buy everything for your bathroom renovation at the same time. Instead, do some window-shopping and compare prices.
  • Try to shop when there are sales and discounts. If you had your eye on a gorgeous bathtub that you know that there is just no way you can afford, hold out for sales to see how much cheaper you can get it.
  • Try low-cost accessorizing. This refers to making the most of whatever you already have in your bathroom. If you love your red towel set, for example, use it as the basis for your colour scheme.
  • Decide whether you want to do the bathroom renovation yourself. If you are a little handy with tools and plumbing, you could actually save some money by doing the whole thing yourself.
  • Decide whether you want to hire a professional. If you have very little

Tips to Pick Temporary Shelter

There are many companies that provide temporary shelters. They offer shelters that can be used for outdoor events and protecting automobiles and other important elements from harsh environmental conditions. However, just like with other products these shelters differ depending on the manufacturer or supplier. Some manufacturers produce better shelters than other. Therefore, consider the brand that you choose when looking for a temporary shelter to buy. Look for a brand that has the highest number of positive reviews written by those who have bought it. If you have a friend, family member or a neighbor who has bought a specific brand of shelter, ask them where they got it so that you can buy yours there as well.

You also need to know the role that will be played by the shelter that you buy. Consider if you are buying a shelter for your car, a truck or a horse. This will determine its size. Perhaps, you may be looking for a shelter to use while camping as a group. The size of such as shelter will differ from the one that you may buy for use with your car. Therefore, have the role that you want

Easy Projects in Your Home

Sometimes, though, it’s hard to choose what to do. Especially if you haven’t done stuff like this before. While most of this stuff is pretty easy, you can quickly get in over your head if you aren’t careful. That’s why it’s best to take a measured approach. Start off small, and build from there. If you don’ t know where to start, then this will be your guide.

One thing that’s easy enough is to fix any leaky faucets. It’s complicated enough so that it may take you a couple hours. It’s certainly not a slam dunk, but if you can hook up your stereo or set up a computer, you can probably figure out how to fix a leaky faucet. Just head on down to your local hardware store, and ask the guy there for advice if you need it. He’ll be happy to give it to you.

Another thing you can do is change out some of the light fixtures. This is pretty easy, it’s pretty cheap, and it can have a surprisingly pleasant effect on the feel of any particular room. It’s always better to have brighter lights,

Adding an Other Room to Your Home

Growing family – One of the typical reasons of most homeowners in considering a bonus room is due to growing family. Once the number of family members increased, the size of a room will no longer be enough to accommodate every member.

Growing Income – Your income might be large enough to construct a home addition for your home. Perhaps you would want to add entertainment center or transfer to a bigger master’s bedroom.

Growing Needs – You might need to have a bigger garage for additional vehicle, or larger kitchen to have more space while cooking.

The extra space that you have in mind should be carefully planned as to where you are going to construct it. When you want an extra room for a growing kid, the attic can be renovated and turn into an extra room; or just build a new one above the garage.

Considerations in Adding a Bonus Room

A home addition is a great way of putting your money into good use.

But before moving on with this project, you should consider some important aspects like the following:


The market value of your

Home Remodeling Trends

First, let us start with the kitchen. It is the most popular room in the home to remodel. Being a homeowner, if you are planning to resell your property it is important for you to know that you can earn about an average of 81% from your kitchen remodeling investment. However, if you are not planning to sell yet, then also the kitchen appliance upgrades can offer you great convenience and energy savings. So, you would definitely want to go with the recent upgrading trends. Isn’t it?

Recent trends include the inclusion of :

Quartz bars and engineered stoneGas stovetops and inductionEuropean style spray pullout faucetsFresh door refrigeratorsDeep single bowl sinks

The next big remodeling investment includes the addition of a master bathroom in a home. Many modern bathrooms are having a mii-spa like environment within the master bath. To create a mini-spa like environment in the master bathroom you can add:

  • Deep Jacuzzi Soaker Tubs
  • Dual Rain Shower Heads
  • Multi colored but soft Mood LED lights
  • Granite and quartz countertops
  • Bronze fixture finishes
  • Sink vessels
  • Integrated sink tops

Many old homes feature small box rooms and low ceilings. Modern homeowners living in such homes often complain living in

Things that You Should Take to Ensure on Plumbing Problems

  • Keep a check on your faucets. Check out for leakages and make sure that they are fixed before the winter comes. Frozen water causes cracks in pipes and this might lead to a larger amount of damage. Faucet repairing is cheaper than replacing pipes altogether.
  • Grout is another big problem. It does not matter what material had been used in the construction of pipes, you need a professional plumber to clean it before the problem becomes worse.
  • Valves that are not used on a daily basis should be run once in two days. This way they will not jam and you will not need to call a plumber to get it fixed up when you need to use it on rare occasions. You can also use oil to grease them once in a while.
  • Close the main valve when you are going out of the house for a long period or even for a short vacation. This way there will no leakages or any kind of danger of problems caused by running water and harming the belongings of the house. You definitely do not want to come back and see your belongings drowned and damaged

Good Fences for You

Fences are enclosures and when it comes to wood fences, it is not only about acquiring a boundary for your area, but it gives an extra touch of warmth and elegance to the house. The completion of wood fences makes the surrounding of the house including the formation of a little personal lawn. A well build wooden fence can also afford a measure of security and privacy, at the same time it also keeps the neighbor’s pets out of the flower beds. There are many types of wood fences, but in the formation of any wood fences largely revolve around two considerations:

  • The Form: Which counts upon the styles and its consideration
  • The function : what practical purpose with the fence serve

Sometimes the style of the house demands wood fences, but security concerns first and one may be convinced to go with the metal.

Gazebos on the other hand are also form of fences but they are not meant for any security purpose. They are comfort and fashion based stands. They can be of any shape and sizes. They can either be constructed permanent or can be movable too. Gazebos are low wall surroundings, with