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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Adding an Other Room to Your Home

Growing family – One of the typical reasons of most homeowners in considering a bonus room is due to growing family. Once the number of family members increased, the size of a room will no longer be enough to accommodate every member.

Growing Income – Your income might be large enough to construct a home addition for your home. Perhaps you would want to add entertainment center or transfer to a bigger master’s bedroom.

Growing Needs – You might need to have a bigger garage for additional vehicle, or larger kitchen to have more space while cooking.

The extra space that you have in mind should be carefully planned as to where you are going to construct it. When you want an extra room for a growing kid, the attic can be renovated and turn into an extra room; or just build a new one above the garage.

Considerations in Adding a Bonus Room

A home addition is a great way of putting your money into good use.

But before moving on with this project, you should consider some important aspects like the following:


The market value of your home within the neighborhood

Architectural structure

Size and scale of your project

Personal inconveniences during the construction

Time table for the completion

The level of your commitment in carrying out the task.

Types of Home Additions

Guest Room – When adding a bonus room for your home, you should also consider what kind of room is really of utmost importance. For most home, adding an extra room for guests is the topmost priority to allow them to accommodate expected or unexpected visitors into their home any time.

Playroom – You don’t want your little kids to go around the living room and make a mess out of so you decided to build a small playroom for them. You can place cabinets or shelves where they can place their toys and story books. You can also make the playroom a study room where your kids can sit comfortably on the floor and do their home works then play afterwards.

Entertainment room – It is a space where you can place your entertainment appliances like TV, DVD player, component and others. You can also accommodate your visitors in this area where you can have great conversations while watching your favorite movies or listening to your favorite music.

Aside from these ideas, you can also create other form of bonus room which you can build from an existing unused space or by building a new one.

A great thing about a bonus room which is included during the initial construction is you will be able to finish it on your own pace. Hiring a builder is also not necessary since the room is already there; all you need to do is plan on what you want to do with anytime that you are up to it. By having a bonus room, you will also increase the value of your property once you plan to sell it in the near future.

Architectural Considerations

When you have set up your finances and ready to do the project, you should also consider the architectural structure of your bonus room.

The room must have the size as well as the scale which can aesthetically blend with the existing house or perhaps enhance its appearance. There are times that homeowners tend to get carried away by adding unnecessary space in the bonus room without considering its outside appearance.


Home Remodeling Trends

First, let us start with the kitchen. It is the most popular room in the home to remodel. Being a homeowner, if you are planning to resell your property it is important for you to know that you can earn about an average of 81% from your kitchen remodeling investment. However, if you are not planning to sell yet, then also the kitchen appliance upgrades can offer you great convenience and energy savings. So, you would definitely want to go with the recent upgrading trends. Isn’t it?

Recent trends include the inclusion of :

Quartz bars and engineered stoneGas stovetops and inductionEuropean style spray pullout faucetsFresh door refrigeratorsDeep single bowl sinks

The next big remodeling investment includes the addition of a master bathroom in a home. Many modern bathrooms are having a mii-spa like environment within the master bath. To create a mini-spa like environment in the master bathroom you can add:

  • Deep Jacuzzi Soaker Tubs
  • Dual Rain Shower Heads
  • Multi colored but soft Mood LED lights
  • Granite and quartz countertops
  • Bronze fixture finishes
  • Sink vessels
  • Integrated sink tops

Many old homes feature small box rooms and low ceilings. Modern homeowners living in such homes often complain living in a claustrophobic environment. Keeping their needs in mind a recent home improvement remodeling trend has come up-to break down the interior walls between two rooms and make the area bigger for living. This makes the home feel lighter and spacious.

Flooring is also an important part of home remodeling and now it has been seen that bamboo, hardwood, laminate, stone, tile, cork or reclaimed flooring has become even more popular than carpet installation. These modern style floorings are enhancing the appearance of the rooms and giving a touch of sophistication and elegance. The recent trend is to bid adieu to carpet for good in a home improvement project. Statistics have also proved that hardwood floors are a much better alternative for people having pets.

Constructing a pool in the backyard of a home is becoming common these days. Many homes are spending huge amount of dollars in building their own pools to spend great time during summers. If you want to construct a pool into your own yard, keep the following trends in your mind:

It should not be deeper than 5 feetMust include water cascade and rock featuresIt must be a minimal lined geometric rectangular poolThere must be showering facilities and restrooms for guestsThere must be a storage area for pool toys and other items.

So, if you want to remodel your home, definitely make it a point to add up all these things to make it even more beautiful and classy.


Things that You Should Take to Ensure on Plumbing Problems

  • Keep a check on your faucets. Check out for leakages and make sure that they are fixed before the winter comes. Frozen water causes cracks in pipes and this might lead to a larger amount of damage. Faucet repairing is cheaper than replacing pipes altogether.
  • Grout is another big problem. It does not matter what material had been used in the construction of pipes, you need a professional plumber to clean it before the problem becomes worse.
  • Valves that are not used on a daily basis should be run once in two days. This way they will not jam and you will not need to call a plumber to get it fixed up when you need to use it on rare occasions. You can also use oil to grease them once in a while.
  • Close the main valve when you are going out of the house for a long period or even for a short vacation. This way there will no leakages or any kind of danger of problems caused by running water and harming the belongings of the house. You definitely do not want to come back and see your belongings drowned and damaged by water.
  • Clean fiberglass bathroom fixtures on a regular basis.
  • Save money on your water bill by having a water saving shower head installed. This is advised by majority of the professional plumbers which is unknown to the normal public.
  • Contact a plumber if you see water in the walls anywhere. There is surely a big problem that can only be dealt by a plumber. Also turn off the main supply until your plumber reaches you.

It is very important to have knowledge about all such small things of the house. You can apply the same knowledge to your office as well. If you do it efficiently, you can actually save a lot of time and money.


Good Fences for You

Fences are enclosures and when it comes to wood fences, it is not only about acquiring a boundary for your area, but it gives an extra touch of warmth and elegance to the house. The completion of wood fences makes the surrounding of the house including the formation of a little personal lawn. A well build wooden fence can also afford a measure of security and privacy, at the same time it also keeps the neighbor’s pets out of the flower beds. There are many types of wood fences, but in the formation of any wood fences largely revolve around two considerations:

  • The Form: Which counts upon the styles and its consideration
  • The function : what practical purpose with the fence serve

Sometimes the style of the house demands wood fences, but security concerns first and one may be convinced to go with the metal.

Gazebos on the other hand are also form of fences but they are not meant for any security purpose. They are comfort and fashion based stands. They can be of any shape and sizes. They can either be constructed permanent or can be movable too. Gazebos are low wall surroundings, with dome or pagoda like roof top, supported by poles, which means a shelter with no walls and the long huge gap between the short raised walls till the roof. The gap may be decorated with curtains, or the materials with which a Gazebo is made can have some dropping designs. The permanent ones are normally made of cement and stones and are situated in the middle of a lawn.

Trellis can be better explained as an architectural structure. The interwoven fence which are made with the help of wood, bamboo (most common) or even metal is known as Trellis.

Arbors are not fences, though vaguely they are counted in this category. They are chiefly garden features, which forms a shady walk way. Arbors are chiefly formed with the help of climbers, which grown up the vertical post then grows pass the horizontal top, and climbs back down ward by the opposite vertical post , forming a beautiful airy passage way.

Designers being spread all over the words and simultaneously the creativity and the knack of creation is the desired field calls a lot upon the society, sometimes in cases like Sunnyvale fence the two considerations of form and the function work wonderfully hand in hand. Unfortunately such is not always the case. While opting for a fence, one normally thinks about the all round security and in such cases chain (on wall and cement construction) or the metal fences offer superior security fences. Sunnyvale fence can be best described as iron works.