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Adding an Other Room to Your Home

Growing family – One of the typical reasons of most homeowners in considering a bonus room is due to growing family. Once the number of family members increased, the size of a room will no longer be enough to accommodate every member.

Growing Income – Your income might be large enough to construct a home addition for your home. Perhaps you would want to add entertainment center or transfer to a bigger master’s bedroom.

Growing Needs – You might need to have a bigger garage for additional vehicle, or larger kitchen to have more space while cooking.

The extra space that you have in mind should be carefully planned as to where you are going to construct it. When you want an extra room for a growing kid, the attic can be renovated and turn into an extra room; or just build a new one above the garage.

Considerations in Adding a Bonus Room

A home addition is a great way of putting your money into good use.

But before moving on with this project, you should consider some important aspects like the following:


The market value of your home within the neighborhood

Architectural structure

Size and scale of your project

Personal inconveniences during the construction

Time table for the completion

The level of your commitment in carrying out the task.

Types of Home Additions

Guest Room – When adding a bonus room for your home, you should also consider what kind of room is really of utmost importance. For most home, adding an extra room for guests is the topmost priority to allow them to accommodate expected or unexpected visitors into their home any time.

Playroom – You don’t want your little kids to go around the living room and make a mess out of so you decided to build a small playroom for them. You can place cabinets or shelves where they can place their toys and story books. You can also make the playroom a study room where your kids can sit comfortably on the floor and do their home works then play afterwards.

Entertainment room – It is a space where you can place your entertainment appliances like TV, DVD player, component and others. You can also accommodate your visitors in this area where you can have great conversations while watching your favorite movies or listening to your favorite music.

Aside from these ideas, you can also create other form of bonus room which you can build from an existing unused space or by building a new one.

A great thing about a bonus room which is included during the initial construction is you will be able to finish it on your own pace. Hiring a builder is also not necessary since the room is already there; all you need to do is plan on what you want to do with anytime that you are up to it. By having a bonus room, you will also increase the value of your property once you plan to sell it in the near future.

Architectural Considerations

When you have set up your finances and ready to do the project, you should also consider the architectural structure of your bonus room.

The room must have the size as well as the scale which can aesthetically blend with the existing house or perhaps enhance its appearance. There are times that homeowners tend to get carried away by adding unnecessary space in the bonus room without considering its outside appearance.