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Good Fences for You

Fences are enclosures and when it comes to wood fences, it is not only about acquiring a boundary for your area, but it gives an extra touch of warmth and elegance to the house. The completion of wood fences makes the surrounding of the house including the formation of a little personal lawn. A well build wooden fence can also afford a measure of security and privacy, at the same time it also keeps the neighbor’s pets out of the flower beds. There are many types of wood fences, but in the formation of any wood fences largely revolve around two considerations:

  • The Form: Which counts upon the styles and its consideration
  • The function : what practical purpose with the fence serve

Sometimes the style of the house demands wood fences, but security concerns first and one may be convinced to go with the metal.

Gazebos on the other hand are also form of fences but they are not meant for any security purpose. They are comfort and fashion based stands. They can be of any shape and sizes. They can either be constructed permanent or can be movable too. Gazebos are low wall surroundings, with dome or pagoda like roof top, supported by poles, which means a shelter with no walls and the long huge gap between the short raised walls till the roof. The gap may be decorated with curtains, or the materials with which a Gazebo is made can have some dropping designs. The permanent ones are normally made of cement and stones and are situated in the middle of a lawn.

Trellis can be better explained as an architectural structure. The interwoven fence which are made with the help of wood, bamboo (most common) or even metal is known as Trellis.

Arbors are not fences, though vaguely they are counted in this category. They are chiefly garden features, which forms a shady walk way. Arbors are chiefly formed with the help of climbers, which grown up the vertical post then grows pass the horizontal top, and climbs back down ward by the opposite vertical post , forming a beautiful airy passage way.

Designers being spread all over the words and simultaneously the creativity and the knack of creation is the desired field calls a lot upon the society, sometimes in cases like Sunnyvale fence the two considerations of form and the function work wonderfully hand in hand. Unfortunately such is not always the case. While opting for a fence, one normally thinks about the all round security and in such cases chain (on wall and cement construction) or the metal fences offer superior security fences. Sunnyvale fence can be best described as iron works.