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Know Facts And Truths about Home Renovation

If you are fond of home renovation and have the necessary skills, like electrical wiring, woodworking, plumbing or painting and wall work, you can save money.

However, if you have a huge budget and lack both the skill and confidence to do home renovation projects yourself, hire a professional. The best candidates should have a great portfolio, as well as recommendations from previous clients.


Aging homes requires more attention on repairs.

When considering renovations, think about how long you plan to stay in the home and why you want a remodeling project for it. Among others, Kitchen and bathroom remodeling are very popular because they increase a home’s resale value.

A fresh repainting job – something you can do yourself – gives a home a clean and cared for impression with minimal cost.

Paint a room

Most people can repaint a room. Make sure to buy enough paint: Estimate the wall space, and buy amount of paint accordingly. Paint usually costs from under $20 per gallon to $30 per gallon or more.

Buying an extra quart or gallon of paint is a great and safe idea. For larger projects, buying a five-gallon container is advisable ensures sufficient paint and consistency in color.

Choose Projects According to Skill Level

Projects such as plumbing, electrical, heating, water, and roofing are major remodeling tasks. Do this only if you have the skills, experience, and desire to learn.

Contractors have reputations to maintain, so seek for those with references and the necessary experience for the particular job.

Screen contractors and get their references. Most contractors provide free estimates. Ask for one and make agreements with deadlines before signing contracts.

Materials List

Lay out a plan before purchasing materials. As much as possible, make an estimate of the cost first to allow you to set expectations and save yourself time and further cost. These costs can vary widely. Small independent suppliers may offer better customer service, and perks like free delivery and discounts.

Considerations & Pitfalls

Going through a remodeling project takes courage. Washing dishes in a bathtub while the

kitchen is renovated, to dealing with dust and fumes from floor finishing are just some of those. However, seeing a project in completion is simply rewarding.Benefits

  • Skilled DIY homeowners can save time and money by completing remodeling projects themselves, while successfully adding valuable upgrades to the home.
  • Distribute the project into manageable portions and set a completion date. For instance, you could do painting jobs a room a day or across a weekend, depending on hard you want to work.
  • Installing sheet rock or framing to wall partition a large room and create two smaller rooms takes more skill, time, and money.


Some home remodeling projects require skills that go beyond the basics. For instance, refinishing floors requires sanding devices and equipments, respirators and ear protection. Floor sanders require frequent changing of sanding pads and are heavy. Commercial sanders can leave marks on the floors if left in one place too long. Make sure you are up to the task as well as your skills, and know when to hire a professional.